All we found out today was that another offer came in before ours. That made it necessary for us to up our offer to a full-price offer. We still thought we might hear something before the night was over, but it’s not looking good now. Apparently the home owner is out of state and is not very responsive to phone calls. Anyway, there’s nothing we can do about it. Unfortunately for me, the anxiety of this waiting mixed with the anxiety of a not-so-great afternoon at work and now I’m, well, very anxious.

To boot, I forgot my gym clothes at the apartment this morning and had to drive back here after work to get them. Then I went to the gym, got changed, went to use the machine I always use, and they were all being used. I was out of luck. Perturbed, I came home.

Stef and I watched television for the rest of the evening, all of those home improvement shows which seem to dominate our viewing schedule as of late. I was a little less angry at them, because maybe I might be getting a house of my own, but I was still kind of annoyed because I might also not get a house.

That’s that. I’m nervous, anxious, and a little agitated. Right back to normal.