We found out this morning that we lost the house to the person who bid in front of us.  It was heartbreaking for me, because I become invested in things far too quickly. Add to that the fact that I thought I was coming into work to get yelled at for something I did or did not do on Monday, and you can understand why I thought the day was going to be a disaster.

For the most part, the day was fine. I got work done, but I was upset about the house. It wasn’t until after work that things started to go a different way. Stef and I decided to go check out some more houses, this time in New Hampshire. While one of them was too far out in the boonies for our tastes, and one other one was too small, there was one that was perfect. It was in Merrimack, NH. It would be about a forty minute commute for me and a fifty minute commute for Stephanie. Besides that, it would be beautiful.

We called our realtor and made a request to see it right away. He’ll let us know tomorrow if it’s still on the market and then, hopefully, we’ll get in there on Thursday.

The thing that really turned the day around, though, was the drive home. I started talking to Stef about this small idea I’d had to improve the novel I’ve been working on. This morning I was thinking of giving it up. I couldn’t see how it was going to all come together. It was this afternoon that I came up with a small idea on how to begin fixing it. It was during the car ride that the small idea germinated and helped me re-see the entire piece.

I find myself elated now at the prospect of writing it. Everything is in focus for me regarding the story. It’s great.

For a day that began so horribly, it didn’t end all that badly.