Another Offer

Stephanie and I got to see the inside of a house in Merrimack, NH we checked out the other night. We’d already fallen in love with the location and the building’s exterior. Inside is what sealed the deal. There was nothing at all that really needed to get done. There a few things that would be nice to get done, but nothing we couldn’t live without doing. It has three bathrooms (a full, half, and three-quarter), two bedrooms, a den, and a full basement that walks out onto a small patio. It’s what we want and we made an offer.

The downside is that it will take a bit longer to get to work. But, listen to this: I spend almost as much time fighting to get over the damn Merrimack River each day. At least with this commute I’ll be moving. Also, we think this is an investment property. It’s equidistant from Nashua and Manchester and as people are willing to move further and further outward to commute, it’s going to be a place people look at more and more. Maybe we’ll be wrong later, but we’re not wrong about it’s potential now.

We’ll try our best to get this one. It seems as if it might be a little less competitive than Massachusetts. This one has been on the market a bit longer and the homeowner, who was there, seems to fit the bill of motivated seller very well. I think we’re going to get this done. I really do.