Another Another Offer

With the homeowner from the first property we saw yesterday outright refusing to meet us halfway, we opted to put in an offer tonight on the other property we saw. It needs no work on the windows and though it has less space, it’s also got a more private backyard. The thing that’s worrying me now is that according to my internet research there may be no high-speed internet options available to us there. If there are any it’ll be through Adelphia, and I’ve heard nothing but horrible things about them. That’s one aspect of this I’m not looking forward to.

Comcast or whatever it’s been called during the three years I’ve had it, has never really given me a major problem. There have been issues, but they were all relatively quickly resolved. All I’m looking for is reliable, always-on internet access. It appears DSL will not be an option and I’m not sure if Satellite is an option, because I’m not sure if they want dishes hanging on the sides of the homes in the complex.

So, that’s a bit troubling. What’s more troubling is that Stef and I had a little argument this evening about dinner. Tired after a long week, we started to get on each other’s nerves because neither of us would make a decision regarding what to eat. When it came down to it, Stef decided she wasn’t hungry anymore and went to bed as soon as we got home and I decided to cook some pasta.

We did get a chance to look at some furniture, though, in between writing the offer and the dinner debacle. I fell in love with this rolltop desk at Bernie and Phyl’s (JonMartin called my cell while we were in there and we had a chuckle over the fact that I had willingly set foot in that store). I had a rolltop desk at my grandfather’s house when I was a little kid, my first writer’s desk. I’d love to have another.

Anyway, let’s hope we get this next one. You all, of course, will be among the first to know.