Pump Sh!t Out

It’s a strange day when everyone else’s day is dragging but mine is going by too fast. We made some adjustments to my daily routine at work and I was more busy than I could handle. It made the day go quicker, but I’m really going to have to address with them how much additional work these new procedures involve and how that’s going to affect the stuff that I already do. Tomorrow is probably going to be even crazier.

My looming deadline is scaring me, too. I have two pages of my first manuscript done as of this morning. I need two manuscripts by next Tuesday and they need to be at least fifteen pages each. When am I going to get this done? All that time I took off to de-stress myself is now coming back to bite me in the ass. In the end, the de-stressing has actually caused more stress than it probably relieved.

Okay, that might be going too far, but hey, I’m stressed.

The opening I have for the story is great, though. I wish I could focus on that. For two weeks, I’ve been crafting those opening paragraphs in my head and this morning I got them down. Now I need to work on revising the existing bits that my advisor critiqued previously. That’s what’s going to prove the most difficult. I’m going to want to make everything really good and unfortunately, I don’t have time for that. I really just need to pump shit out.