Right? Right.

The stress is unbelievable and I feel myself slipping into the patterns and mindset of last month, where I was ready to fall apart. I only had four pages done when I started this morning and I only had seven done when I was through. That kind of progress just isn’t going to cut it. What I might be forced to do is really just use what I already had for the rest of the chapter I’m working on, instead of trying to revise. Since I’m retyping the whole thing anyway, I’m sure I’ll find little bits to improve along the way but I really need to kick it into gear tomorrow or I’m going to be in deep shit.

I’m glad I have some things to keep my sights set on, though. On Friday I get my hair cut, something I’ve been in dire need of doing. On Tuesday I get to see the home we’re buying again. That’s also the day that my stories are due, so that stress will finally be gone. And then it’s just a lot of reading over the next couple of weeks and, of course, the wedding I’ll be going to.

I’m a little freaked out, but things will be okay. That’s what I have to keep telling myself. Right?