Today was haircut day. I have come to love haircut day over the last few months because haircut day means a night hanging out with Jon and a chance to visit Fred (he who administers the haircut), who I think is one of the most interesting fellows I’ve met in quite some time. I also love Fred’s house, which has such great character. And on nights like tonight, when my thoughts are being consumed by how I might decorate this room or that room in our new place, it’s great to be in a place with such wonderful character. It inspires me.

What else to say about today? They let us out early at work, which was nice, and I spent some time on the View Askew message boards with the extra time I had at home this afternoon. I should have gotten some more writing done, but I didn’t. I basically have the two pieces I’m going to hand in, and I want to do more with them before I hand them in on Tuesday, but the apathy has got its claws in me.

I really love the first three paragraphs of the novel I’m working on. They keep finding their way into my head and I keep thinking that someone else wrote them.