Stef and I went out to eat a big breakfast this morning and then we came home, did a couple of things, and I took a nap. During my nap, she went out for a hair appointment and four hours or so passed. At least, that’s what I’m remembering. Anyway, she came back and then tried to get me up because we’d made plans to get out and do some shopping today. I was cranky, but eventually I removed myself from bed, took a shower, and made it possible for us to get going.

We went to the Mall at Rockingham Park to check out a number of different shops. Stef bought a dress for the wedding we’re going to. I mostly wandered around. I thought about buying a couple of things in the Apple Store, but I didn’t. They were mostly little accessories for the iPod, though I did look at a couple of computers.

I was not amused by the conversation between a set of parents, their barely teenaged daughter, and an Apple associate. The girl wanted an iPod, probably an iPod mini, which is the one that comes in the variety of colors. She’s wandering back and forth between the conversation and the rack of accessories, trying to announce what she wants in all of her excitement. Her dad, meanwhile, is talking to the associate about hard drive size and how many songs can fit on the thing. They even start talking about how that differs because a jazz song is longer.

In the background, the girl tries to get her two cents in, saying, "I’m mostly going to be listening to three to four minute songs.— They’re not listening to her, though. It’s gone from being a present for the daughter to being a chance for the father to exhibit his masculinity by getting the bigger, more powerful toy.

Anyway, I was annoyed. I don’t know if you could tell.

After the mall, we went to Best Buy to pick up some wireless networking hardware for the new place. We bought The Return of the King, too. After that it was dinner at Chili’s and an evening at home watching the movie and upgrading my laptop to Windows XP with the spare copy I had left over from when my old computer crapped out. Gateway says I’m not supposed to upgrade my laptop, but I did and I found alternative drivers for all the stuff that didn’t work and now it works beautifully. No more Godawful Millenium Edition for me.