Laughing At My Own Jokes

There are certain bits of my own writing that, when I look back on them, never fail to make me smile. After a nice visit with my parents and my grandmother today, Stephanie and I came home and I was at a loss for something to do. I still could not bring myself to start in on the final revisions to my stories for the upcoming residency. I didn’t really want to do anything. From somewhere inside of me came the ambition to encode to digital video the two plays I wrote and directed in college. That’s when I found myself laughing at my own jokes once again.

The Baby Jesus speech from The People vs. Jesus Christ still makes me roar with laughter to this day. I sometimes can’t believe I wrote it. Part of that is DaPonte’s delivery, but a lot of it is really the sheer hilarity of the writing. Feeling as I have been feeling lately about my work, my heart was warmed to see that I could elicit such a reaction out of myself and out of the audience.

The scenes between Andy and Veronica in A Lick and a Promise are also quite good. Robyn and Larsen put on a great show and the audience roars so loud on the tape that you totally lose the end of one of Chris’s lines. It’s priceless. Watching the tapes reminded me of why I do what I do. It reminded me of how much I love my characters and how much I love the idea that someone, whether in person or in their own space, is laughing at the words I’ve written.

I went for a walk as night was falling and I thought about what I will add to my stories tomorrow. That was good as well and I’m glad I took the time out to do it.