Done and Stuff

I finally got the beginning of my novel to a place where I feel comfortable submitting it to the members of my upcoming residency workshop. I didn’t think I would ever get there but this morning, after some futile fighting to clean my breakfast frying pan, I sat down with a glass of chocolate milk and I added seven pages of great stuff to my novel. It’s a mess in parts, but the workshop will help with that. Finally, though, I feel as though I’ve made some progress.

After I finished writing, I read the whole thing to Stef. She liked it and saw no major problems with it. That was exactly what I needed, though I suppose I could have suffered through some criticism.

We went out after that to buy me a nice shirt for next week’s wedding and to get something framed. It wasn’t a bad afternoon. We did our shopping, got some ice cream, came home, and watched trashy makeover television—both personal and home makeovers. I played a little video game football to celebrate being done with my manuscripts and that was that.

Tomorrow we go back to work but we work an early day so that we can head up to Merrimack for our house inspection. I hope it goes well.