The Truth Is…

Stef and I worked half-days today in order to be present for a home inspection at our new place. I wasn’t all that nervous about it but I still had my concerns. Thankfully, nothing major came up during the inspection. At the end of it we wrote out another check to put some more money down and things were all good. They were all good until I got in the car. Stef and I had arrived seperately and that meant I got to drive home alone with my thoughts.

My thoughts are not something you want to drive home alone with.

I immediately started thinking about whether or not I was going to get yelled at when I returned to work tomorrow. I started wondering whether I’d get fired a day before closing. I wondered if it was going to all go down the shitter somehow, now that we’d been inside this great place again and gotten even more attached.

It wasn’t pleasant. My thoughts rarely ever are.

I’ve tried to fight through it throughout the evening but it hasn’t really worked. Even watching back to back to back episodes of Queer Eye doesn’t seem to be helping.

The truth is that I need to calm down and take it one day at a time and not be freaking out about things that are out of my control. I only wish it were as simple to do as to write.