It was chest pain heaven tonight, after a moderately successful day at work and at home. I think it was something I ate, but it’s nights like this one that remind me I should remind myself to calm down during all of the many situations I encounter each day which drive me bonkers. I mean, I get pissed off driving home from work. I get nervous opening my e-mail in the morning. I get upset when I have to do the dishes at night just to cook dinner. In short, I let myself be taken over by anxiety when dealing with the very simplest of things in life.

I’m glad that I have only five more days to work before I head off on vacation for a few days. I’m sure I’ll be able to make it through to next Wednesday, which is when the family and I will hop into a van and drive on down to North Carolina. I usually don’t like driving, but I’m looking forward to driving my leg of the trip. Had I the energy, I would volunteer to drive the whole way. I am really just elated to be going somewhere in a car that isn’t work or home.

First things first, though, and that’s this weekend and my brother-in-law’s high school graduation. Weird to think that I have a brother-in-law that’s in high school, no? Whatever. I’m upset that I won’t make it to this ceremony, which is on Friday night, but I will get to go to his party on Saturday. That will be fun.

I guess I’m trying to remind myself here how much I have to look forward to. I guess I’m hoping that will make the chest pains go away.