Mobile Power Cord

The stress continues to mount. Today, while driving home, I allowed myself to lean my head back and rest my eyes while stuck in traffic approaching the Bridge Street bridge. Somehow my foot must have slipped off the brake and I rolled forward and tapped the backend of the car in front of me. Thankfully there was no damage and the guy told me to forget about it. You know me, though. Could I forget about it? Absolutely not.

It was just the last straw for me today and the rest of the night I’ve spent either in bed moping or on the couch moping. I watched a little TV and tried to get some reading done and Stef was nice enough to cook dinner tonight, but none of it ended up mattering. The stress and the depression were simply too much.

I have an appointment with the therapist on Saturday morning. I guess I’m glad that I didn’t make it a one-time appointment with her. I’m glad I’m going back.

Anyway, the things I’ve stressed about today are ridiculous and I know it. In order to retain some relative sense of calm within myself, I will opt not to review them with you here now. Just trust that it was the same old shit.