Almost Intelligent

When I finally got my new wireless network up and running today, I noticed that there were a number of other wireless networks broadcasting their signals within my building that seemed totally unprotected. I could have, theoretically, tapped into their Internet connections or taken a peek at their files. It’s remarkable how many people will install a piece of equipment like that and not take into consideration all of the risks involved. I read a half dozen articles on wireless security before installing my network today and I turned on every security precaution I could.

Before dealing with the wireless network, I started the day at the shrink’s office. I needed to vent and vent I did. We talked about strategies for dealing with my ever present fear of being fired. We talked about how to best deal with all the stress I’m under. It was helpful even if, initially, after waiting for half an hour for my therapist to show up, I found myself thinking that the twenty dollar co-pay would have been better spent on a table dance at some bar the night before.

When I was through with the therapist, I drove up to Nashua to check out some of the furniture Stef and I had been thinking of buying. One of the issues that the therapist talked with me about is a need to feel in control of something in the midst of all these things that are out of my control. Dealing with the furniture, with decorating a room, has been one of the things I’ve been able to focus on when all else fails.

I found out that my plan to use a rolltop desk won’t necessarily fail because I’ve decided not to buy a flat panel monitor. I also found out some other things but, it being late, I’ve forgotten them.

I futzed around with other computery-type things this afternoon before I finally got the wireless network going and then I headed off to Loews in Methuen to check out Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with Stef, Anisa, and Bill, who had all just come back from Alex’s graduation party in Maine. The film was quite good and it was refreshing to see them take a little liberty with the book, streamline it a bit, and make it more of a film instead of a filmed recitation of a text.

Wow. That almost sounded intelligent. I shall have to stop now.