Wicked Hot, Yo

I got back on track with my reading today, which is really all I could ask for on a Monday. Work was fine and I put to use some of the coping strategies I worked on with the therapist this weekend to keep me sane. Only two more days to go and then I get my first honest-to-God vacation in well over a year. Sure, it may involve a seriously long drive, but it will all be worth it in the end. A few days away from the stress and the madness of this place will be a great thing for me.

Of course I’ll probably be bringing reading material with me when I go, so I won’t be totally free of work. That’s okay, though. Reading is something I would like to be doing more of. If this trip affords me that luxury, that will be most welcome.

I need some shorts is the thing Stephanie and I realized tonight. I have no shorts that fit me and we’ve just been lucky that there haven’t been any days where shorts were necessary yet. Maybe tomorrow, after we pick up the rental car, we’ll swing by someplace and get me a pair. Just in case. I mean, there’s still no way I’m going anywhere I need to take my shirt off—still far too fat for that—but it’d be nice to have something around in case it’s wicked hot.

That’s it for now.