Escaping Day

It was a day I never thought I’d get to, let alone get through, so you can understand why I would have been mildly shocked when five o’clock came around and I could actually leave work for a long five-day weekend without anything to worry about. My mind immediately tried to find things to worry about, but once on the road, inside the air conditioned van with my family, there was nothing to be upset about. Well, that is, until it was my turn to drive.

Stephanie drove first and she drove longer than she had to. I think she was doing it to baby me, seeing that I was tired and not wanting to make me do more driving than I needed to. She was all smiles and cheeriness when asked if she minded driving, saying she could get used to driving the van. She took us all the way from Massachusetts through Connecticut and New York and to the Jersey border.

Just over the border, at a place JonMartin and I had stopped a couple of years ago while driving down to Vulgarthon, we switched off. I was agitated about being babied and when I started driving I was in full Masshole mode, swearing under my breath, driving agressively, getting pissed off when the Jersey Turnpike had its way with me and put us in the wrong direction for a few minutes. Eventually I was a little bit saner and John, Stef, and I played a version of the Kevin Bacon game with Mom throwing in a guess here and there, in between napping.