Party Day

Thursday seemed like two entirely separate days. It began on the road when the clock struck midnight while I was driving through the wastelands of New Jersey. When my turn was up and my brother John took over just past the Delaware border, I snuck into the very back seat and had myself a nap. I woke up when we got into Virginia, right around the time that Dad took over for John.

Dad drove for a while, into North Carolina, I think, and then Mom took over. I fought off bouts of nausea with Combos and chocolate milk—though not together. The last leg of the trip was rough, but when we got to see the family down here all was good.

The end of the first part of Thursday came when Mom and Dad and Stephanie and I checked into our rooms. We quickly fell to sleep and when we woke, like I said, it felt like a whole other day.

I was nursing a major headache for most of the afternoon but thankfully I had enough time to recover before the bachelor party in the evening. I wasn’t sure what that was going to be like, considering the person I’m related to in the wedding is the bride not the groom, but it turned out all right. Uncle Bill was there and my cousin Billy and, of course, Dad and John.

Since it would be impolite for me to get into details at the expense of the other attendees, let’s just say that most of us, including me, had a good time at the three locations we made stops at. Not all of them involved what you’re thinking they involved. Let’s not go any further than that.

When the bachelor party was over, I came back to the room reeking of smoky bar rooms but Stephanie still had enough love in her for me to give me a kiss goodnight.