Fried Day

Friday during a work week is usually a cause for celebration. By the end of this Friday, though, I was a bit saddened. This Friday evening meant that we were halfway through our vacation and that our time here was slipping away faster than I thought. You know me. I am always bound to be thinking those fatalistic thoughts at some point during an otherwise great experience. It’s just who I am.

After breakfast at Denny’s just down the street, we drove out into the Carolina heat and visited two museums downtown, one focused on history and the other on science. It was Mom, Dad, Stephanie, and me. John, I’ve neglected to mention so far, was staying with our cousin Billy.

The museums were nice but all the walking was taking its toll on my tender tootsies. We sat a lot, or at least Dad and I did. We’d had later nights than Mom and Stephanie, who’d come back to the hotel directly after the dinner portion of the bachelorette party the night before.

After the museums we looked around downtown Raleigh for a place to get ice cream and had no luck and after that we drove back to the hotel and sat around for a while, waiting for John to show up with Billy, who had to be here for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Mom, Dad, John, Stephanie, and I went out to dinner ourselves and came back to the bar later for drinks. Stephanie and I were sort-of secluded in a corner, not knowing very many of the people who’d come to the bar for drinks. We watched Manny Ramirez blow an easy catch that let the Dodgers tie up the game with the Red Sox and then, after the bar’s satellite reception cleared up, we got to see David Ortiz save the day by driving in the winning run.

And now it’s time for bed. Tomorrow, the wedding.