Wedding Day

We were dressed and ready for the wedding far earlier than we needed to be. Traffic in and around Raleigh was delaying members of the wedding party, or so I heard, and we were already dressed at, like, ten o’clock in the morning. The ceremony wasn’t until one o’clock. We like to be prepared, I guess.

While Stef helped Mom help with some last-minute decorating touch-ups (at least I think that’s what they were doing), Dad and I went down to the bar to catch up with my mother’s Uncle Art and Aunt Sandy. Many cellphone calls were made to figure out where we were all meeting up, but eventually it all worked out.

The digital camera was being a bitch all day, supplying us mostly with fuzzy, dark pseudo-photographs that I later deleted. We did get a couple of great shots off that I can’t wait to see and hopefully they’ll make up for the otherwise bad luck.

What was nice is that I realized early that the camera wasn’t cooperating so I really just gave myself more time to focus on the ceremony as it was happening instead of focusing on it through a lens.

Christle looked beautiful and Matt looked sharp in his dress whites. They wrote vows for each other which were very sweet and they lit candles with significantly less difficulty than Stef and I encountered three years ago. Their couture was eerie: the girls’ dresses were the same color and very similar in style to the ones Stef’s bridesmaids wore and the guys were wearing morning suits, which is what my groomsmen wore.

The reception was fun and lighthearted and the meal was good. We all chatted and some danced and the only mishap for Stef and I was when my knee gave out during a little dance around the room, the one where you all follow each other like a train… Anyway, my knee gave out and I had to sit but things were cool.

I was kind-of sad for most of the day and I almost cried when I saw my cousin walk down the aisle but it was a wonderful day and something I was so glad to witness. They truly seem to love each other and I look forward to sitting around on a porch someday, in the same way our parents have for years, with these newlyweds when all of us are old and gray.