Driving Day

Stephanie was already packing when I got up and though it was something I knew needed to be done, it did make me sad to be facing the reality of going home. We didn’t dilly-dally at all with checking out of the hotel. After checking out we ate breakfast at Denny’s, a lighter breakfast than a couple of days before, and then we drove over to my aunt and uncle’s place to spend the early afternoon hanging with the family before hitting the road.

It was good to see everyone one last time even if I did spend most of the day sitting down because of my bum knee. When two o’clock came around it was hard to find everyone to say goodbye, spread out across the house and yard as they were, and I was actually kind-of happy that it took so long. As I’m sure you can tell by now, I didn’t want to leave.

Stef drove first and got us out of North Carolina and into Virginia. I took over after that and drove for the rest of the day. Driving, it seemed, was taking my mind off of how depressed I was to be going home. We drove until nine o’clock. We’d made it about halfway up the Jersey Turnpike by then and we decided to sleep a few hours in an overpriced, overly smoky hotel. We ate Burger King and watched the Red Sox defending a 4-1 lead, and now it’s time for bed.

Tomorrow, more driving.