Flag Day

We got up at three o’clock in the morning and got going. This was our plan and it worked to perfection. We missed all of the New York traffic and all of the Hartford traffic and all we ran into was a patch of slowness around Worcester as we made our way north. We made great time and we were sitting in the driveway of my parents’ house before we knew it, unpacking the van and fending off bees trying to find new homes in our vehicles as the temperatures went down.

There was a big accident right outside of Hanscom Air Force Base, where we were dropping off the rental. That was scary because I thought that I was going to get into an accident only now, only when I was a half mile from my destination. It all worked out, though. We dropped it off without incident and then we drove home.

The mailbox was not as overstuffed as I’d imagined it might be. The e-mail box wasn’t either. We had some calls to make regarding our mortgage and house stuff and one call to a credit bureau to wipe something off of my report that shouldn’t have even been there—a credit account opened when I was one year old—but otherwise the day was productive and easy. We got all of our shopping and laundry done and I should’ve been happy.

I was tired, though, and miserable. I needed a longer vacation and it kept occurring to me that we’d all gone down to North Carolina together, but we were all coming home separately. It made me long for Christmas, when we’ll see each other together again.

Anyway, let’s not end this on a sad note. I got to witness a beautiful wedding and see family I haven’t seen, in some cases, in three years. There are things to be sad about, but let’s not be sad. For once, let’s smile and be happy.