Reading, Reading, and More Reading

My goal for the weekend was to be done with all the reading I had to do except for the stories by my fellow students and Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night. I slagged through it and by noon I was done. This was good, it turns out, because my parents called around that time and wondered if we might want to come over for lunch/dinner and also maybe help them lug a new refrigerator upstairs for my grandmother. Anxious to get out of the apartment after all that work, I said yes right away.

It was refreshing to not have my nose in a book for at least one portion of the weekend and to know I’d tackled most of the reading I needed to get done. Mom and Dad had already gotten the fridge upstairs by the time we got there, so it turned out to be just a nice, lazy visit, sitting on the couch, shooting the shit, and watching the Inside the Actors’ Studio marathon. We ate a lot, had a walk, and then drove my parents and Grandma up to see the new place. Even though we couldn’t go in, I think they enjoyed taking a look at the outside.

That was my day. I wish I had more to say. But I don’t, so hey.

Okay, I’ll quit it with the rhyming and go to bed.