And For My Next Trick…

I find myself with no clue how to top the past week’s entries. I want to keep your interest and judging by the increase in hits I’ve been seeing this week there’s a lot more of you out there today than there were last Saturday. When you’ve written probably the best five entries you’ve written in the three years you’ve been doing this, what do you do for an encore?

I stayed up exceptionally late last night. In my vain attempt to “get something accomplished” I think I managed to download a couple of mp3s and not much more. I played The Sims: Hot Date a little too but I was too tired to deal with my precocious electronic people and I shut it down before anything really interesting happened.

When I woke up this morning my wife was itching to get going and have ourselves a great day. Today you see, was our anniversary before we had an anniversary. If that doesn’t make sense, well get used to it. My little sayings rarely do. Basically, what I mean is, today is the day we started going out four years ago. We used to call it our anniversary but I don’t know what to call it now. Our wedding anniversary won’t be till the end of April and isn’t that technically our anniversary? You can’t have two anniversaries in the same year.

At least a writer can’t. That’d be gramatically inproper. Or something.

So I got up and I was a total grump. I drove to Littleton to pay my auto loan payment, blaring NIN’s “And All That Could Have Been” on the way there and ripping up my throat trying to sing along with Mr. Reznor. On the way back I threw in my own CD, the one I put out last year. It’s a lot easier to sing along with your own voice. That, I’ve discovered.

When I got back we decided to go out together to get some lunch. By this point I was fed up with trying to drive through the messy roadway that is the only way out of where we live. I was irritable because I hadn’t had enough sleep and we weren’t even off our road and onto the main road when I was starting to swear at every other driver on the road.

We ate lunch and we drove up to Nashua to get Stephanie a book on changing careers and to pick up some blank CDs for me and we came back and I was just getting angrier and angrier.

At home Stephanie suggested a nap but I was mortified that I might have wasted my entire Saturday and I yelled and I tried to something on my computer and when that didn’t work I relented and decided to go into the bedroom for a nap.

A couple of hours later I woke up and we ate dinner at The Cracker Barrel and I was in a much nicer mood.

I guess the lesson of this story, if I were to play Aesop for you, is that you shouldn’t stay up till all hours of the night trying to be productive the night before your other-versary. Exhaustion and romance just don’t mix.