Lesley Residency 3.1

I don’t think I really believed the residency was here until I was at Logan Airport picking up Bryan, Shera, and Rachel. When I saw them it seemed, for a moment at least, as if no time had passed at all. I was back in that happy place I’d been for a week in January and I was very glad to be there. Almost immediately I began to think of how little time I had till it was all over again.

I can’t help it. It’s the way that I am. I focus on the negative. I focus on the part of the cliche that’s empty, not the part that’s full. I wish that I looked at things differently, but I don’t.

It was great to see everyone again. After dropping Rachel and Bryan off where each of them was staying, I took Shera back to the main campus and hung out while she checked in. Then we caught up with Jill, who had been at the library, and we all went for pizza because lunch, for Shera and I at least, had not been had.

We stayed in the pizza place for a really long time just catching up and then we walked down the street to dinner and found that they mixed all of us returning students in with new students and faculty to get everyone to be more social right out of the bag. It was nice. I met some new people.

After that we went to John Harvard’s for drinks and socialized some more. I came close to crying on the way home, as I was driving down Mass Ave out of Cambridge. I’m hoping that it’s just the residual stress trying to find a way out of my body, but I’m not counting on that. I’m a mess and, I guess, that’s something I’m just going to have to deal with.