Lesley Residency 3.3

Aside from the fact that the drives home are becoming more perilous each day because of my tiredness, I would have to say that the residency is only growing more positive. Today during a workshop conducted by the wonderful writer Rachel Kadish, we third-semester students partook in a writing exercise that was, for me, at least, quite cathartic. The assignment was to write down a statement that truly offended you and then to write a monologue in the first person and use that statement. The real key, the real challenge, was to make sure the character was still sympathetic for at least one moment.

The statement I came up with, "Nothing you do is worth anything", gave me great material to begin with and when it was time to write, I went to town. When it came time to share what I’d written, I shared. I shared and I felt relieved, calmed even. I had written from the perspective of a hard working ancestor who didn’t think this silly writing stuff that I do was worth squat. It was liberating. One of my classmates told me she actually felt a chill while I read it.

Sundays always bring the first day of workshops and those went well. I simply adore the way Michael Lowenthal runs a workshop. I always get such an immense amount out of it, even when it isn’t my story being covered. My advisor for this semester, Tony Eprile, conducted the half of the workshop that Michael didn’t facilitate and that was good as well.

After the evening readings, Shera, Jill, Sara, and I, along with a new student, Linnea, went out for ice cream. We stopped at a place in Harvard Square and then sat on the steps of one of the buildings in Harvard Yard and talked. As tired as we all were after a long day, ice cream was infinitely better than alcohol.

Don’t worry, though. We’ll be back to imbibing spirits, like all good writers, by tomorrow.