Lesley Residency 3.4

There were such good spirits floating around Cambridge this morning that I couldn’t stop smiling for most of the day. Everyone I know in the program seemed to be in a good mood and seemed to be thrilled to be there. We had a great morning seminar with Anita Riggio, who gave us insight into the anatomy of a picture book. We had a sufficient lunch. And then we had workshops. Most of the workshops went well but when your story is the last story covered on a given day and everyone is worn out, that’s when things don’t go as well.

I was pleased with the workshop of my story as it was happening but as the night wore on I grew increasingly frustrated with the fact that everyone had been so tired by then. We hardly spoke about what was working in the story, instead focusing on the negative. I think it’s a lot easier to focus on why a story sucks when you need a nap.

Anyway, I think I’m beginning to come around and recognize that we had a decent workshop.

We went out for drinks afterward at Cambridge Commons (is that plural?) and that was fun. Towards the end, we got talking about folk singers and Ani Difranco specifically and when it came time to drive home I set the iPod to play her songs at random for me. Unfortunately, tired as I was, that wasn’t working out. I ended up having to select some more upbeat music instead.