You Should Do This For A Living

At some point during our very busy day today Stef and I were talking about the site and my plans for it. She always seems very impressed with the amount and time and effort I put into figuring this thing out, the creative approaches I take to getting content up here for you all to see. She is of the opinion that I could make money designing websites for a living. Who am I to argue when my wife thinks I’m the shit?

The problem I see in trying to make any money doing freelance work is that there is no need for another web designer out there right now. Most of the people who need websites either handle the job themselves, or have in their employ someone who can do it for them. I may have designed a great looking site and I may have a good sense of what kind of content a site should provide but could I really make any money doing it? I somehow doubt it.

The problem is most businesses that would be into hiring a guy like me to do their websites are run by entrepreneurial people who would rather learn how to do it themselves than pay me to do it. Most of my friends are better designers than me and why would they want me to come in and redesign their sites for them when they could do it themselves and get exactly what they want without having to explain it to anyone else.

It makes me feel really good that Stef sees me as an intelligent guy with good ideas but I don’t want to get jaded by her confidence in me. I think that’s the danger inherent in going to your spouse with career concerns. Your spouse, more than likely, is going to believe you can do anything you set your mind to. I think Stef could run the best dance company in the world but am I the best person to talk to about that? Probably not.

I would love to leave my job tomorrow and just freelance. It would give me more time at home, a lot less time being forced into the corner of a seat on the train by an overweight businessman smelling of cigars and cheap coffee, a lot more time for my writing…  I would love to freelance and work from home but I don’t see it as a real possibility right now.

So tomorrow I’m going to get up, pack my lunch, take a shower and take comfort in the fact that I have a train ride in which to get some writing done every day and then I’m going to do my best to work a good eight hour day and smile that I’m still employed during these crappy economic times.

And if someday I figure out a way to work from this chair at home in my pajamas then that’ll just be icing.