Lesley Residency 3.8

Reality was closing in on us today and we did our best to stave off its attack with a little bit of alcohol and a lot of mirth. Seated in plastic chairs around a plastic table, the lot of us drank and were merry. I made a toast at one point, to six months of good work ahead of us. It was sappy and sentimental and totally out of place, but I still think I got a few smiles out of it. I’m so sad that our time together is ending again. I can’t really explain it. I suspect you might not even want me to try.

In addition to this evening’s activities, five of us also managed to take in a viewing of Spider-Man 2 during our afternoon break (Shera, Scott, Jill, Sara, and me). Things just worked out that way. The flick was good. Save for the fact that my infantile bladder was reeking (reaking?) havoc on me, I had a good time all around. I think the others did, too.

I also had a meeting with my advisor today to discuss the upcoming semester. That was productive. I’m much more certain what I’m doing this semester, especially with my reading and my responding to reading, than I was last time.

It’s almost over. I can’t believe it.