Our First House

Today we partook in what our realtor called the fastest closing he’d ever been to. Both parties were eager to get through with the transaction and the seller was exceptionally helpful in explaining little quirks about the dwelling that we should know. In less than half an hour—about twenty-five minutes in all—I had the keys to our new house in my hand. When I got back into the car it all seemed so surreal. Had we actually made it? Had it been that easy?

With one of my Lesley friends experiencing just last week every hellish thing you can experience on the way to closing, I was convinced it wouldn’t go smoothly. Perhaps there is still some paperwork snag to come, but we have the keys and I’ve been up there twice today and though I’m overwhelmed by the responsibility right now and all that needs to be done, I am very excited.

Nerves had been playing with my body all day, which is why I didn’t try to go into work today and do what Stephanie did, which was just to use her lunch for the closing. After she dropped me off, I started to feel better. I went out and did the groceries, testing my car for the first time since it decided to get really bad on Saturday. It was still bad.

Even so, I couldn’t wait to get inside the house. So, I drove up to Merrimack and let myself in and wandered around the empty place, finding little things here and there that the previous owner had left behind: toilet paper here, some dish cleaner there, and one solitary flying bug that did not want to die. I was excited. I came home. I was excited again, because my car didn’t break down on me on the way back.

We went up again after Stef got home from work. Mom, Dad, and Grandma came along as well. Everyone seemed excited except for me. I was exhausted and nervous about what tomorrow, my first day back at work in nearly two weeks, will bring.

And now it’s time for bed. Yes, we’re still in the apartment for now. But it does feel good to know that as soon as we can move, we don’t have to stay here ever again.