Mixing It Up

So, I was terrified of coming back to work today. It turns out, as it often does, that I needn’t have been. My boss was actually quite pleased with the last thing I turned in before I left for the residency and nothing Earth-shattering occurred while I was away. This all made for a pleasant first day back. I’m glad I took yesterday off now, because I feel like I’m starting with a clean slate.

The one thing that’s bringing me down is that I’m very close to being able to sing a rousing chorus of "Ding, dong, the car is dead!" The car was diagnosed by one of the guys at work as having a problem with the timing belt/chain and/or a motor mount. Both are multi-hundred dollar projects. When you consider that even after fixing that problem I would still have to pay for the horn to get fixed for the damn thing to pass a safety inspection, you can understand my desire to simply wipe my hands of it.

The car has served me well for five years. The infamous Tempo did the same for me. What I don’t want to have happen again, though, is what happened with the Tempo at the end. When the Tempo died, I was without a car of my own for the last months of my time at Bradford and for most of the time I was looking for a job that first summer. Financially, I’m better off now, and I’d like to take care of this problem before it becomes a real problem.

Mom and Dad took a listen and look at it after work today when I went to pick up some packing boxes. They had the same basic diagnosis, although they probably differed in opinion with each other on whether I should dump it now or ride it out until it dies.

Stef had a rough day at work, so after she got home we took her car out and did some furniture shopping. We priced all the pieces we want to get and started figuring out what pieces we won’t get and which ones we will. During another of our stops, we had a hard time with paint colors. I’m afraid we’re not going to get it right when it comes to that and the first time we have people over they’re going to be stifling laughter.

Okay, I’m not really that afraid.