Paint In My Soul

Are you sick of hearing me talk about painting yet? Is anybody even reading this? Well, I must talk about painting again because painting is what we did tonight and, even as uninteresting as it might be, it’s more interesting than what I did at work today. I promise. We went up right after work and got started right away on the upstairs and things, generally, went swimmingly.

Upstairs, we’re painting the den this nice, rich, rusty red color. It’s hard to describe. It’s a darker red. It feels scholarly to me, for some strange reason. I can’t wait to work in there.

We’re painting the upstairs hallway a softer, paler yellow than the one we used downstairs and it looks good too.

We basically got everything done except for the hallway leading from downstairs to upstairs. We’ll probably need to do another coat on the den and maybe on the upstairs hallway.

In the end, we spent more time cleaning our supplies and putting on/peeling off painter’s tape than we did actual painting. Everything is looking pretty good, though. I really love the colors we’ve chosen. I’m excited to be able to move in this weekend.

Stick a fork in me. I’m done.