Sitting in my mailbox when I came home this afternoon was my evaluation from last semester. I opened it, even though I shouldn’t have, and as I read it I grew more and more pissed off. How could my advisor so thoroughly misunderstand me and misrepresent me. She recommended that I pass and receive full credit for the semester but it certainly didn’t seem like she wanted to. She was so wrong about so many things and so right about one or two other things. I was angrier than I’ve been in a long while.

Instead of stewing over it in my mind, I vented to Stephanie as we drove up to buy furniture for the new place. I was really aggravated but it helped to talk about it. Who knew, right? By the time we got to Bernie and Phyl’s in Nashua, I was better. It was one of the faster recoveries I’ve been through.

We bought a rolltop desk, a file cabinet, a chair, and a bed frame there. Then we moved on to Bob’s Discount Furniture, just down the road, and bought a China cabinet, two more chairs for our dining room set, and our new mattress and box spring.

After that, we moved on to Circuit City, where we bought our new TV stand and looked at speaker stands, but couldn’t decide. We tried Best Buy, too, when it came to speaker stands. And then we drove over to Furniture World to buy one last piece, which I can’t really describe, for the kitchen. We ended the evening with a late dinner at the Weathervane.

The A.L. is leading the All Star game. Manny hit a home run, or so I hear. Life is good.