Car, Home, Tiredness

After a long day I sat at the rolltop desk I’d just done some minor assembly on and the new place finally felt like home. I slid out the retractable keyboard shelf and I imagined myself typing the greatest American novel. I imagined myself writing a festering pile of shit, so rank and disgusting it would be worse than anything I’d ever written before. I imagined myself writing there, which is something I hadn’t done before.

The day was crazy. We got up early and Stef and my Mom went up to the house to clean and finish painting while Dad and I dealt with picking up the moving truck and finding me a new car. It was a lot to try and do in one day, but we did it all. I’m so glad we did. Everything, it seems, is falling into place.

Just down the road from our new place in Merrimack, Dad and I found a great looking 2000 Volkwagen Jetta. It’s a six cyllinder (I’m too tired to look up if I spelled that correctly), has AC, power everything, a sun/moon roof, a six-disc CD changer (though the changer is in the truck), and I’m sure it has all sorts of other goodies I’m only beginning to understand. We got a great deal on it and I would highly recommend the place. It’s called Empire Automotive Group. The guy we dealt with, Russ, I believe, was really helpful and straightforward. No BS. I loved that.

After I made the deal on the car we dealt with lunch and then headed south to deal with furniture. I should mention that we parked the moving truck in my parents’ driveway during the morning hours and did the car shopping in my Dad’s regular-sized blue truck. Anyway, we went and picked the moving truck up from my parents’ house and headed north again from there, back up to Nashua (I could really use a map here) to pick up furniture.

We were in and out of both furniture places super-quickly. They had things ready for us, I signed some papers, and we were done. Getting some of it into the house when we got there was a chore. It took all four of us (Mom, Dad, Stef, and me) to get the mattress up the stairs. I hope we didn’t break it in the process.

After that (can you believe there’s more after that?) Dad drove me back to get my old car so I could drive it up the dealer where my new car is to be used as a trade in. It still hasn’t really sunk in that I’ve driven that red car for the last time, that I’ve just sent it, basically, to its death, seeing as he’s planning on simply junking it.

Mom came and picked me up from the auto dealer (is any of this making sense? I’ll try and clarify later) and then I worked on putting together the desk while Mom and Stef finished up painting and cleaning downstairs.

The place looks gorgeous. I really can’t believe it’s ours.