The New Bed

Of all the things we have to do to get this house in order, setting up the Internet service ranks as fairly low priority. So, who knows when you’ll actually see these entries? You certainly won’t see them on the days they were meant to be seen. Tuesday? Wednesday? The weekend? Who knows?

Stephanie and I were both exhausted today and were not able to go back to work. That’ll be tomorrow. But even though we were exhausted we had to eventually get up and do some things. We needed groceries. We needed clean clothes. We needed a shower curtain.

I also needed to take care of securing financing for my new car, which took up more of my morning than I wanted it to. And after that, I needed to help Stef register her car in New Hampshire and bring both the plates from her car and my old car back to Massachusetts. Dad came up and helped me with the latter stuff so that Stef could have her car back after I co-opted it for the morning. When Dad and I drove to Dracut I also took care of forwarding our mail.

So, at the end of the day, the house is still a mess. Our fridge is getting fuller, though. We have a shower curtain. We have some clean clothes to wear to work tomorrow. Oh, and the gas guy stopped by, so we actually have hot water now, too.

Most important of all, we have our new bed set up. And that’s where I’m headed right now.