The New Car

I was back and forth all day today. During our drive down Route 3, I was a certifiable grump, pissing and moaning about every little thing. I’m sure Stef was glad to be rid of me when we got to my parents’ house. Hanging out with Dad as I did yesterday, I wasn’t much better. I just didn’t talk all that much. My mind was still on the car and the house and how little I got done at work yesterday.

When I got to work, the pattern was repeating itself. I decided to take my boss up on an offer he made during that meeting we had a couple of weeks ago. He said to get out of the office now and then if I was having trouble getting started with a piece. So, I did. I found a shady spot in a parking lot in Chelmsford and I wrote more in an hour than I had all day on Tuesday. It was great.

As I was heading back to the office I also got the news that the car would definitely be ready for pick-up today. That just made my day. Everything started to seem brighter and better.

I made it through the rest of the day without incident until about 4:55, when my boss rang me to tell me how I’d fucked up one part of the piece I’d just handed to him for review. I couldn’t see what I was doing wrong and I needed to sleep on it and maybe fix it tomorrow. I don’t know if he’s going to understand that. Maybe he wanted it fixed right away. I don’t know.

Anyway, Mom picked me up and drove me up to the dealer in Merrimack and we checked out the car again and then I paid the man and it was mine. I got worked up about a minor light that was out that I hadn’t noticed but just before dinner I gave JonMartin a call to see what was up and he convinced me that I shouldn’t worry about it. He was right and I knew I shouldn’t worry about it. Even Stef had said so. But, I kinda needed someone else to say it. I don’t know why.

Anyway, I finished off the night by putting together our new TV stand. It looks quite swank. (Am I still allowed to use the word swank all these years later?) I can’t wait till I actually get the TV on it.