An Evening Out

Today I discovered that the only real problem with my new car is driving it at a reasonable speed. The car has so much power and drives so smoothly that you hardly notice how fast you’re going. In one sense that’s great—I like that I don’t have to worry about the car, that it just goes—but, in another sense, it’s not so great. I don’t want to get pulled over. That I have to hold it back instead of pushing it just to go is something that will take adjustment.

But I’m perfectly happy to be engaged in that struggle rather than the one I was in.

The car seemed to win the approval of JonMartin, who I drove down to Nashua to hang out with this evening. We were having dinner at this divey Chinese place called Haluwa. It was karaoke night. I didn’t sing, but the friend of a cousin of one of Jon’s friends did and he was pretty good. Jon was the only person I knew at the table, but I had a good time. The other people were good people, too.

Tonight I also managed to get the hulking TV up onto its stand on my own and I got the whole home theater working. Before I met up with Jon, I tried to hook myself up with speaker stands to no avail. I guess I’ll have to try again this weekend.

Tomorrow morning I head into town hall to register my car and then over to the registry to get my license. And then I have to rush down to work so I don’t have to take too many unpaid hours off. Woo-hoo!