We did a bunch of small things today that I think will probably add up to something significant later on. As we were going through the day, I didn’t feel like we were doing all that much. Now, at the end of the day, I’m thinking that maybe we did more today than I believed we did earlier today. That is good. I’m making progress when I can admit that.

This morning: returning the cable box and cable modem to the Comcast place in Lowell. Then I came back home and Stef and I went shopping. She got to experience driving in my new car for the first time and seemed to be having a grand old time. We went out to Salem, New Hampshire with the intent of going to this place in the mall called Bombay that we didn’t know of any closer location of and then we were planning on going to the comic book store in Haverhill after.

We never got to the comic book store because we got so busy buying furnishings for the house. That was disappointing because we also didn’t buy anything in Bombay, which was the only other reason we drove all the way out to Salem instead of just going down to Nashua or up to Manchester.

Anyway, we got great sheets for our bed, a great rug for the living room and a bunch of other great things. We got some new speaker stands, too. I used them to finish putting together the home theater while we watched a repeat of this week’s Queer Eye, which we’d missed on Tuesday.

Later, Anisa and Bill showed up. Bill is going to help paint the tall stairway/hallway tomorrow.

This entry makes no sense. If you’re still reading, I’m sorry.