I had a couple of nice but weird moments today in the midst of our cleaning and painting the house. Once I finally got the computer and Internet hooked up, I found myself with an e-mail message from the relative of an old friend providing an update on that old friend’s whereabouts. And just when I couldn’t figure out what to do next in that den, I got a phone call from one of my newer friends, who hasn’t been feeling too good. I was given the opportunity to cheer someone up and I jumped at it.

Sure, Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Stef were wondering where I went for half an hour, but I did manage to make my friend feel better (I think) and that was great. I wandered the property and talked to her and made her laugh. It was nice. I was sad, of course, that she was sad, but happy that I could make her un-sad.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Earlier in the day, we went out to breakfast with Anisa and Bill. Anisa was totally enthralled with my new car and kept begging to drive it. She doesn’t drive. She doesn’t have her license. We all had a good laugh that she wanted to try and get some practice with my new $10,000 vehicle.

We came back and I got to work on putting the office together while Anisa and Stef worked on the downstairs and Bill painted the hallway. There was a lot of activity.

Bill and Anisa had a six-hour drive ahead of them, so they left around 2ish. Mom, Dad, and Grandma came around then and helped out for a while before I had my phonecall and then we had a toast to the new house.

Stef and I did the lunch thing at Newicks seafood place down the road. Then, we came back and did more of our individual projects. Later, we went to the Seven Eleven and bought some ice cream.

This is not a great entry. I thought I had a lot more to say and I lot better ways to say it. I only hope that tomorrow morning, when I get back to writing my novel, that I’m doing better than this.