I just finished typing an e-mail to an old friend I was pretty sure I would never hear from again. It gives you hope, you know, that the good friendships last forever and that you can pick them up again whenever the opportunity arises. I have a lot of lost friendships like that. I only hope that there isn’t a single person I’ve been friends with that I’ve seen for the last time already. Does that make any sense?

Katie’s sister started it all off, e-mailing me the other day. She asked if I wanted to get in touch with Katie and I said yes and then today Katie e-mailed me. I’d had a horrible day at work and by the end of the day the writing I’d done this morning, which I’d thought at the time was great, didn’t seem so great anymore. Seeing an e-mail from my old friend was really, really amazing. I can’t describe the sort of giddy feeling it brought over me.

This website has reconnected me with countless people now, over the course of the past five years or so. For all the hassle it sometimes is to get an entry up each day, I feel really happy that this forum for my thoughts has enabled me to refind people or for them to refind me. There are plenty of others I hope will see fit to reconnect with me some day, those who I lost a long time ago and those who I feel I’ve lost only recently.

Life has been tough these past months, and busy, and I know I haven’t been the best friend in the world to any of my friends. I hope that we can begin to rebuild those friendships soon. The house is getting steadily cleaner. When it’s ready, I shall have a big soiree and then, hopefully, lots of little soirees after that.

I miss you, all of you. If you think that I might possibly miss you, I do. Write me. Call me. Let’s be friends again.