Our e-mail server was down all day at work and doesn’t it figure that everything I had to do today involved e-mail? Whatever, though. The day is done and a new one is almost here. More importantly, the weekend is almost here and I can finally take some time to reevaluate and relax. Perhaps I’ll get some reading done. I have a hell of a lot of it to get done in the next couple of weeks. Perhaps I’ll do some writing. Perhaps, just perhaps, I’ll actually get to the comic book store this weekend, unlike last.

I’m feeling good right now because I was, I am willing to admit, energized by John Kerry’s acceptance speech, which just finished up. It was a well-written speech and I thought, with a few minor exceptions, he delivered it very well. It gives me great comfort that the guy is actually well-spoken and intelligent, unlike the current Bozo running this country of mine.

I’m refusing to get any more political here because I’m really not that well-versed in all that’s going on. I know that I don’t like Bush, that I basically loathe the asshole and what he’s done to our country, and I know that I do like Kerry and believe that he can do better. Let’s end it on that, okay?

I don’t particularly want to talk about anything else right now either, which means I should probably just cut this short. Yeah. I think I’ll do that.