Coming Together

Things are certainly coming along with the house. Nothing will ever get done as fast as I’d like it to, but I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised by where we’ve ended up at the end of the weekend. Our living room is mostly clean and mostly together. We actually have a dining room now. The kitchen isn’t bad. It’s really coming together. We still have a tiny bit of painting to finish up and the whole den/office to arrange, but it’ll come in time. We started a list of all the things that need to get done so that we’ll stop forgetting them and that should be a huge help.

I’m a little concerned about how much work I still have to do to get set for my first deadline for this semester for school. The novel is taking a long time, especially getting this first chapter into shape. I’ve worked on the first chapter so much at this point that I can’t just write it. I find myself agonizing over every paragraph, every line. This is not good. I mean, the chapter is good, but it’s taking too long. I need to show more progress than this by the time the deadline comes around.

But, aside from that, there is not as much stress as there could be. The house is in good shape and, though I’m nervous about calling the doctor this week, I’m happy that I’ve commited myself to doing so.