The Little Engine

There is an immense amount of work to be done this weekend. I don’t think I even realize how much. But, did I start working on it tonight? No, I did not. Instead, I did a few more tweaks on this website and was very happy with the results. I have a lot of writing to do and a lot of reading. I have to get to the bank and post office tomorrow. I would like to get to the comic book store after a long while of not getting there and three consecutive weekends of planning to get there but not getting there.

Who knows what will fall by the wayside this weekend, but I’m sure something will? My deadline for school is a week from today, so that better not be what falls behind. If this website gets in the way, now that I’m excited about it again, that will be a problem. If going to the comic book store gets in the way, that will be a problem. Everything except the writing and the reading could turn into a major distraction.

The problem is that just thinking about these other tasks can turn into a major distraction. That’s why I want to get them done, so that I can focus on the writing and the reading. So, I’ll try to get up early on Saturday and I’ll try to get everything done.

"I think I can, I think I can…"