Peeing in Front of Children

I saw something today at the Pheasant Lane Mall that, as a guy considering having children, really frightened me. I was walking into the Men’s bathroom behind a guy pushing his young daughter in her carriage. As I was sitting on the shitter, it occurred to me that because this guy was there in the mall with his daughter by himself, that he didn’t have a partner to hand her off to, that he was now going to have to pee in front of his daughter. Now, if you know me, I don’t even like to pee in front of my wife. In the past I’ve gotten downright angry when she’s accidentally walked in on me.  To have to do it in front of my offspring, now that would be too much.

All of which begs the question, what the hell was I doing in the mall when I had so much work to do at home?

Well kiddies, the problem was that what was supposed to be an hour or so of errands turned into almost the entire day being consumed by waiting for Sears to fix the alignment on Stephanie’s car. My initial plan had been to go out in the morning, send some mail, make a deposit at the bank, and then come back here to work on my writing. Stef asked if we could go bring her car in for an alignment while we were at it and I said sure.

I never thought it would take as long as it did and when it was already after one o’clock, close to two, when we got home, I decided to just screw doing work today and go out to the comic book store and get that final chore done.

I also had to replace this stupid little fuse that’s part of the thing that hooks my iPod up to the cigarette lighter in my car, and I couldn’t find that anywhere. The whole day was frustrating.

Within an hour or so, though, around four o’clock, everything came together. Someone online helped me figure out what was breaking this webpage’s layout. I found the fuse. I had my comics. All was well.

Now it’s time to go get some reading done before bed. Wish me luck.