Broken Window

I didn’t think things could get any worse than yesterday but this afternoon they did. On my way home from work, I pushed the button to make the window go down so that I could throw my two NH tokens into the thingy at the toll and then the window refused to come back up again. My nice new car is now sitting outside, unprotected. I couldn’t go to the gym as I’d planned, which meant I didn’t get to work off the stress of an awful day, which also meant that I was consumed by trying to figure out what the hell to do about the car instead of focusing on my schoolwork.

I have a deadline on Friday. I have to have something to my advisor in Vermont by then. I haven’t finished the chapter I’m working on and I haven’t even started the two craft annotations I have to do. Add to that the fact that I also have a deadline for my interdisciplinary project on Friday and you can understand why I want to cry right now.

Why did the car have to break now, just a two days after my warranty expired? Why couldn’t it have broken before, when I probably could have gotten it fixed for very little, if anything? I just don’t understand why everything always has to hit me at once.

And, not to be graphic or blunt or whatever, this weekend is supposed to be the optimum time for Stef and I to try and advance our plans of having a family. Factor in how stressed out I am and you can see already how well those plans will go.

I’m gonna go read.