Happy Birthday, Mom!

We went to Pizzeria Uno to celebrate Mom’s birthday tonight and it was a nice way to calm down after a couple of bad days. I had pasta for the first time in ages and I had a good portion of the brownie bowl dessert that we all shared and I even had me a drink, a Smirnoff Ice, for good measure. It was the type of night that I could use more often and the type of night that I’m hoping to have with my family and friends quite a bit more often now that my first deadline of the semester is almost here and that the house is almost clean.

At Uno’s, we had Mom, Dad, Grandma, Stephanie, and me. Everyone seemed to enjoy their meal and have a good time. Life’s been stressful for everyone of late and I think we all needed it. Stef’s company isn’t doing well. Mom and Dad are having their living room redone and, as with any home renovation project, there are issues that arise from that. And, well, you know all of my stupid problems.

So, it was nice to spend an evening with my family and just chill out. Yes, I still have schoolwork to do by Friday. But the bulk of it is in the mail now. I’m not exactly happy with what I’ve turned in, but I’m not as disappointed in it as I was in a lot of the stuff I handed in last semester.

Anyway, it was a good night to cap off a not-so-great day and I’m happy to have spent it with good people and good food.