Fixed Window

I was so happy to get into my own car at the end of the day that I can’t explain how happy I was. The window was fixed, as was the brake light that had been broken since they day I drove it off the lot, and it was almost the weekend, and everything, finally, seemed right with the world. I have some ridiculous connection to my car, to the freedom it gives me. When its gone,  I grow frustrated and I feel as if the world is closing in. I feel like maybe I’m moving backwards, that I’m stuck in reverse. But I have my car back now and all is good.

All is also good because I finished the first draft of the last paper I have to write for tomorrow’s deadline. All I have to do is e-mail it off tomorrow morning and I’ll be all set. On that same front, my main advisor received the submission that I sent priority mail yesterday. I didn’t mean for it to get there so fast. I only wanted it to be there by Saturday morning. I hope I don’t come off as obnoxious, having sent it priority.

Work continues to be work. Let’s just not go there. My work computer has been bugging out the whole week and that’s just been adding to my frustration. Today they were finally able to replace it and its working fine.

Maybe I’m finally going to be able to get to some e-mail tomorrow morning as well. Wouldn’t that be something?