Shopping in the Rain

I drove into Cambridge today to buy the rest of my books for the semester and then I took the T over to downtown Boston. I’m not sure what I was looking for, walking down Newbury and then backtracking down Boylston, but I know that I didn’t find it. I think I was looking for that elusive artifact that might make our new office complete. Or, I was looking for a nice piece of art for one of the walls. Or I was just looking to get out of the house for a while. On that last one, maybe I did succeed after all.

I got some stuff done in the morning as well, the last of the painting and a little bit of organization. It was raining when I left to go south, so I wasn’t sure how long I’d be gone. It turned out that there wasn’t as much precipitation down in Beantown, so it all worked out. Walking the city always seems to calm me. I’m not sure why. I didn’t find anything to put on a shelf, but I did find my peace, at least for an afternoon.

My legs were sore, though. In helping move our new China cabinet out of Dad’s truck yesterday and into the living room, I managed to tweak my left quad. It’s sore going up and down stairs mostly. But after walking a couple of miles back and forth around the city it starts to hurt doing just about anything.

Which is why I’m glad its almost time for bed. Tomorrow I start work on Chapter 2 of my novel. Stef’s going camping with Julee for a couple of days and I’ll have to keep the house in order. I always like weeks that have something a little bit different about them. It helps me to get through. This week will certainly start off different and for now that seems like a good thing.