To MFA or Not to MFA

One of the things I thought about yesterday while on my walk, which I thought about again today, was that I didn’t have to worry about my sneakers anymore. What I mean by that is that I wore my sneakers while painting the house and that they were kinda not what a gym wants being worn on their floor. Now that I’m doing my exercize in the great outdoors instead, I don’t have to worry about it.

Silly little thoughts like that are what get me through, so I’m going to keep on trying to have them.

I face a big decision about Friday. I had plans to go to the MFA in Boston and meet up with some friends with Lesley and also to buy the print there that I wanted for the house. Now that I’m thinking I’ll be out of a job come Friday afternoon, I’m wondering if I should pull out of those plans. Should I come home and spend time with Stephanie instead? We do have a wedding to go to on Saturday afternoon and then I would like to get to this party that Beth the Bassist invited me to afterward. Maybe I should stay in on Friday night. I don’t know.

The thing is, I would love it if I could just convince myself to buy the print anyway, that I’ll eventually find another job and everything will work out. But, there is that side of me that says I should be cutting back on all unnecessary expenses in case this does happen.

Stef came back from camping this afternoon. She was home when I got home from work. Her mom and her brother stopped by because Alex had apparently left his wallet in Stef’s car when they parted ways earlier in the day. It was nice to see he and Julee.  She got to asking me about if I’d be looking for work in Manchester or some place closer, Stef having already broken the news about me and the job (I was out on my walk when they showed up). It did get me thinking about what I was going to do and I guess I’ve just been trying to go through this week with blinders on, so now I’m a little panicky thinking about it.

Anyway, its time for bed now.