Lazy Sunday

Energy is at a premium when you go to bed about fifteen minutes before your morning alarm goes off. The wacky adventures of yesterday still taking their toll on my body, Sunday proved to be a fairly productive day nonetheless. Stephanie and I put in some solid hours on cleaning the office and I am pretty pleased at the results. We bought a new bookcase to supplement the existing ones and we managed to get all but the computer and software manuals put away.

So, our place is shaping up. It’s getting closer and that is good. I know that, having accomplished this today, going back to the uncertainty of work may be a tiny bit easier.

Anisa and Bill stopped by to crash last night while I was out. They have a six-hour drive back to Maine when they come down to visit his daughter and so they have been crashing here on some of those weekends that they come down. In fact, I think I probably scared Anisa when I came in this morning. She was up to go to the bathroom or something when I walked in. Although, I’m not sure she remembers it because she didn’t mention anything about it when we were talking about when I came in at breakfast.

We watched Smallville while we finished off the office and we watched the Olympics while we ate Taco Bell for the second Sunday in a row. Judging by how my intestinal tract felt the Monday after our last Taco Bell adventure, I hope this doesn’t become a tradition.