One Day The Axe Just Fell

One of my closest coworkers came into my office somewhere between 9:30 and 10:00 AM to call me into a meeting with him and the company comptroller. I knew what it was about, so we didn’t mince words with me as we walked down the hall. The head of the company wasn’t going to meet with me personally. He was having the only other company officer in the building, the comptroller, do it.

The comptroller didn’t like doing it. He liked me. Neither of the men who were there to tell me this was my last day on the job were in any way excited about their appointed task. It was a professional affair and I tried to keep it positive. This was what was best for the company and, as I am sure all of you fine folks have seen over the past two years in my level of stress and my shifting moods, this was what was best for my mental health as well.

After the meeting, I gathered up my stuff and said a few goodbyes. I drove over to my parents’ house afterward, but Grandma was the only one there. We talked for a while about the situtation and then she took me downstairs to show me Mom and Dad’s new living room floor. It wasn’t so much new as refinished, but it looked like new. It looked shiny and amazing. They’d repainted the walls and redone the ceiling and the whole room looked great.

I came home after that and spent the rest of the day futzing around with different things. I did file my unemployment claim. I did get the groceries done. Other than that though, I was pretty much just trying to decompress.